Diego Azeta's Planet of the Sapiens
You call this the apotheosis of evolution?

About DAPS


What is “Diego Azeta’s Planet of the Sapiens” all about?

Welcome, amigos, bienvenidos! Allow me to introduce myself. Diego Azeta is my nom de plume and nom de cyberespace (where I actually exist). It is a pseudonyme public, the pseudonyme privé being Don Diego Alonso de la Vega y Quijano. Seek and you shall find.*

We all live not in a yellow submersible nuclear-powered Armaggedon-class multi-megaton suborbital weapons launching system but on a rocky planet. You’ve probably noticed already that it’s as rocky as they come. The planet’s dominant species (at least on the rocky parts) can be as fierce as the makos and the great whites, but is even deadlier. It calls itself sapiens because it sits at the top of the food chain (again, on the rocky parts) although it’s doing its best to broil the planet with a newfangled Venusian-styled atmosphere, which doesn’t strike me as all that intelligent. It’s also wiping fellow species off the face of the planet as if it were a Chicxulub meteorite, another brilliant initiative.

On the other hand, one can view sapiens as a bold attempt by nature to break into new ground — think of it as evolution’s first foray into the realm of abstract rationalism, if only partly. But you know how full of bugs versions 1.0 are.

I am an avid observer of sapiens, and my purpose here is to document and discuss the behavioral traits of this splendid species. Before it vanishes. You are welcome to join the expedition and contribute to the adventure with your own personal observations. Enjoy.


* Easy as pi seek & find:
Don Diego Alonso de la Vega y Quijano, aka El Zorro, is, on his father’s side, a world-famous crusader of justice and champion of the oppressed known for his exploits in defending the people against the tyrannical abuses of despicable corrupt officials, devious politicos, and assorted reprobate villains.

Rho is entirely yours.



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